Our Crew

yeopim flowers crew

Down Front:

Will Skinner, Sybil’s and John’s tall, strong and charming son, is usually drafted when we have a large wedding. There as old joke about men being good for lifting heavy things — he’s the best. Not to mention he has a great eye for detail.
Tammy Hobbs is married to Sybil’s nephew Wally. Her roles are many, but she is definitely the best at prep work this side of the Yeopim River. She’s been helping out for about two years. She’s gone from a novice (“if it’s wrong, Sybil will fix it”) to rock solid.
Karen Clough, married to Sybil’s nephew Mark, excels at organizing and cleaning. She definitely gets a workout every time we have a wedding. This woman labels every item and makes sure all is accounted for before we leave the farm on wedding day.

Leaning Forward:

Sybil Skinner’s crew recently gave her a shirt that reads, “Team Work is a lot of people doing what I say.” Hmm...
John Skinner, husband to Sybil for thirty-five years, will readily admit that his primary role is to “tote and fetch.” He cannot set a wedding without a level and a tape measure. Drives Sybil crazy!
Elizabeth Skinner is John and Sybil’s daughter. She is considered the brains of the operation. She is away at school but we are all totally amazed at her talents when it comes to baby’s breath and carnations.

Thanks Missy Loves Jerry Photography for this photo of our crew.


We are a Northeastern North Carolina floral design team. We have delivered flowers for weddings and events to the Outer Banks, Windsor, Moyock, Columbia, Hertford, Elizabeth City, Edenton, the Triangle Area, and willing to travel almost anywhere. We want to exceed your expectations with high standards and an even higher sense of design.

Our designs are numerous but we know there is only one style that is important for your wedding: yours. It is our mission as your design team to help clarify your signature style and to deliver flower arrangements that will enhance your wedding day.

About Me

sybil skinnerI am one of those folks that have been drawn back home to Perquimans County, and I love it. We have been away for some 30 years. During those years I have been a visual merchandiser, the best party planner ever, grade school mom extraordinaire, master gardener, program director at a living history farm, director of a historical society and freelance floral designer.

I always thought I would have a flower shop/farm, and now I do. Back in the early 80s, I referred to my flower passion as “Ditch Bank Art” and probably still should. I still jump ditches, wear boots in the swamps, slam on brakes for flowers and enjoy discovering new textures daily. I think grapevine is a beautiful addition to almost anything; I love the natural flora that is in Northeastern North Carolina!

I consider flowers to be my art medium and I love challenges — working with wedding flowers is the perfect calling for me!

About our name

wild flowersWhile editing the copy for our web site, Dolores Simon (my friend and editor extraordinaire) questioned our name, Yeopim Flowers. She thought it was silly until I explained why we chose it. You might be interested.

From our farm on the Yeopim (pronounced YOE-pim) River we can see where Batts Island, formerly Heriots Island, later to become Batts Grave, was located. It was on the north side of the Albemarle Sound at the mouth of the Yeopim River, due east of Drummonds Point. Captain John Smith mapped the island in 1624.

Nathaniel Batts, known as the first permanent settler in the Albemarle Sound region, was hired in the mid 1600’s to explore the area for possible permanent settlements. Batts traded furs with the Native Americans and later was instrumental in securing the first land grant for George Durant. This deed was recorded in Perquimans County in 1661, making it the oldest deed in North Carolina.

The Yeopim River is heavily steeped in history and natural beauty. Flowers are our passion; therefore, we have named our wedding and event flower trade “Yeopim Flowers”.